Project Eligibility Criteria for Transport Sector

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Incorporation of Green Technology in the transportation infrastructure and vehicles, in particular,  bio-fuels and public road transport.

Type: Infrastructure and Vehicle


Green infrastructure
  • Biofuel refueling station
  • Hydrogen refueling station
  • Electric charging station
B Green Fuel
Green fuel production
  • Biofuel from crops (i.e. Jathropa, Soy Bean, Corn, etc.)
  • Bio-fuel from Waste Cooking Oil
C Vehicle
Alternative Fuel, Energy Efficient Vehicle, including Electric Vehicle and Hybrid (i.e. taxi, bus, prime movers, lorry, motocycle, bicycle, etc)
  1. Production Environmental friendly engine
  2. Fuel efficient vehicle
  3. Advanced Fuel Cells
  4. Advanced Materials for Transportation
  5. Advanced Motor Fuels
  6. Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  7. Efficient electric train