Project Eligibility Criteria For Manufacturing Sector

No.    Criteria                         Sample Project

Scope: Green Manufacturing

Type: Transformation towards green manufacturing entails the executions of the following initiatives/type:                                                                                   

1.    Utilisation of green energy;



2.    Developing and production of green products; and




3.    Deployment of green processes in manufacturing activity              





            Green Energy

  • Utilisation of green energy and cleaner energy by the company. Green energy includes both deploying of renewable energy sources and achieving higher energy efficiency in operations.                                                                                                 

            Green Product

  • Developing greener products with lower carbon footprint. By developing Green products with eco-labels that are sought by consumers, companies can derive additional volumes and price premiums.                                                 

            Green Processes in Business Operations

  • Implementing green processes in operations with efficient use of key resource, reduce waste generation, reducing carbon and water footprint. Green processes therefore improve operational efficiency and lower costs.