Project Eligibility Criteria for Energy Sector

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Type of Energy

Renewable: Hydro, Solar, Fuel Cell,Wind,Kenatic,Biomass and combustible waste.

Energy Supply Sector:

Scope: Application of Green Technology in power generation and in the energy supply side management, including co-generation by the industrial and commercial sectors

  1. Fossil Fuel Power Plant
  2. Renewable energy activities (off grid and on grid)
  3. Distributed power generation
  4. Improvement of power quality activities
  1. All EE initiatives to improve efficiency
  2. Biomass power plant
  3. Biogas power plant
  4. Small hydro
  5. Wind power plant
  6. Fuel-cell plant
  7. Palm Oil Mill with biomass plant (with condition)
  8. Solar power
  9. Heat and power plant (cogen or tri generation plant)
  10. Power factor correction
  11. Harmonic filter
B Energy Utilisation Sector:
Scope: Application of Green Technology in all energy utilisation sectors and in demand side management programmes.
  1. Application of Green Technology in industrial and commercial:
    1. Increase efficiency through;
      1. Rational use of energy
      2. Process improvement
      3. Replacement of equipment
      4. Energy recovery system
      5. Waste, reject reduction
    2. Use of green materials;
    3. Improve working environment
  2. New process to produce green products
  1. High efficient burner system, motor, chiller, pump, fan & blower, compressor, lighting (T5,CFL, LED etc), cooling tower, transformer, boiler and ballast.
  2. Boiler economizer or air pre-heater
  3. Kiln recuperator or regenerator
  4. Proper insulation (mineral wool, refractory)
  5. Control (feedback with automatic actuator, VSD, temp regulator etc)
  6. Waste heat absorption chiller
  7. Producing energy efficient equipment