Criteria for Building and Township Sector

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Adoption of Green Technology in the construction, management, maintenance and demolition of buildings.


  1. Building: Office, Shopping complex, Hospital & clinic, Hotel and resort, University and research institution, exhibition hall and School.
  2. Infrastructure: Road, energy, IT
  3. Parks
A Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  1. Minimum EE Performance – Compliance to minimum requirement of MS1525:2007
  3. Renewable energy
  1. Building envelope (OTTV, RTTV)
  2. High efficient motor, chiller, pump, fan & blower, lighting (T5,CFL, LED etc), cooling tower, transformer, boiler and ballast.
  3. Boiler economizer or air pre-heater
  4. Control (BEMS, VSD, etc)
  5. Enhanced post occupancy commissioning and verification and sustainable maintenance.
  6. Energy management
  8. Solar energy
  9. Wind energy
B Indoor Environmental Quality
  1. Minimum IAQ Performance - Minimum indoor air quality (IAQ) performance to enhance indoor air quality in building, thus contributing to the comfort and well-being of the occupants.
  3. Low indoor air pollutants, mould prevention
  1. Carbon Dioxide Monitoring and Control,
  2. Good thermal comfort control system,
  3. Effective air change
  4. Acceptable lighting levels
  5. Daylight glare control
  7. Low internal noise levels.
  8. Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) level
Sustainable Site Planning & Management
  1. Environment Management
    1. Conserve existing natural area
    2. Restore damaged area to provide habitat
    3. Promote biodiversity
    4. Maximize open space by providing a high ratio of open space to development footprint to promote biodiversity.
  2. Earthworks
    1. Construction activity pollution control and
    2. Reduce social impact to surrounding.
  3. Public transportation access
    1. Reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.
  4. Storm water design to limit the disruption of natural hydrology
  6. Reduce heat island effect.
1. Brownfield development

2. Proper workers' site amenities

3. Bus and MRT station

4. Proper greenery & roof garden

D Materials & Resources
  1. Materials reuse and recycle content materials and construction waste management.
  3. Use of environmentally-friendly Refrigerants and Clean Agents.
  1. Record of reuse and recycle content materials.
  3. Hydrocarbon refrigerant
 E Water Efficiency
  1. Rainwater Harvesting to reduce potable water consumption.
  3. Water Recycling to reduce potable water consumption.
  5. Water Efficient - Irrigation/ Landscaping - Encourage the design of system that does not require the use of potable water supply from the local water reticulation.
  7. Water Efficient Fittings - Encourage reduction in potable water consumption through use of efficient devices.
  9. Metering & Leak Detection System - Encourage the design of systems that monitors and manages water consumption. 
  1. Rainwater Harvesting system
  3. Dual piping to allow the use of grey water
  5. Efficient water fittings
  7. Metering & Leak Detection System
F Innovation
  1. Innovation in design & environmental design initiatives that contribute to reduce impact to the environment.
  3. Green building accredited facilitator - To support and encourage the design integration required for green / sustainable building rated buildings and to streamline the application and certification process.
  1. Thermal duct to exhaust hot air
  3. Employment of accredited green building facilitator / approved professional