What are the steps involved in applying for the GTFS?

Application Process:

A. Project Certification (Technical)
All applications shall be submitted to GreenTech Malaysia. GreenTech Malaysia will screen and evaluate all complete and valid applications. Should the GTFS team require clarification on any issue or matter during the evaluation period, applicants must furnish the information within 3 working days from the date of notification. Applicants will be invited for a Business Review Presentation meeting to present the viability of their business models, product market, potential project financial performance, company management and the company's exit strategy. The project will be tabled at the GTFS Committee (GC) meeting for final approval. GreenTech Malaysia will issue a notification letter to successful and non successful applicants. A successful applicant will be issued with a Green Project Certificate.

B. Financing Application
A successful applicant can apply for financing under the GTFS with the Green Project Certificate and all necessary documentation to any participating FI. Applicants should follow and comply with the procedures and guidelines of the selected FI. FI will issue a Letter of Offer (LO) to a successful applicant. The government will bear 2% of the total interest rate or profit.

C. Guarantee Approval
Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) will provide a guarantee of 60% on the financing amount offered by the FI (GT value only). Upon guarantee approval, CGC will issue a Letter of Guarantee to the Applicant and charge a guarantee fee of 0.5% per annum on the amount. Copy of the letter will be sent to the respective FIs and GreenTech Malaysia.

D. Financing Execution
i. Agreement and Documentation
Upon receipt of the Letter of Guarantee from CGC, the FI will proceed with financing agreement.

E. Fund Disbursement
Fund disbursement will be in accordance to the selected FI’s procedures.

F. Project Outcome
i. Project Monitoring and Verification
Applicant shall submit a monthly Project Progress Report to GreenTech Malaysia during project implementation. Upon commissioning, the applicant shall submit a Project Outcome Report every six months to GreenTech Malaysia. The format and period shall be specified by GreenTech Malaysia.

G. Project Impact
Upon completion of Project Monitoring and Verification, an applicant shall submit a project Impact study in accordance to the format specified by GreenTech Malaysia.

For further detailed information please refer to GTFS operational & guidelines.