Is there any fee / cost involved for the technical evaluation?

Processing Fee:

> 0.25% - Financing tenure of 10 years and less
> 0.5% - Financing tenure of more than 10 years
The above processing fee is subject to green component cost apply or approved, subject to a minimum processing fee of RM8,000 (payable upfront upon submission of the application), payable to Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (up to a maximum of RM100,000.00).
> A processing fee of RM4,000 is payable for request to extend the validity of the project certificate (for 2nd and 3rd extension). Each extension on the validity is only for a period of not more than 6 months.
> A processing fee of RM8,000 is payable for any request to vary the information on the certificate.
Processing fee paid shall be refunded should;
1. the application for green project certificate rejected by the Technical Committee.
2. the applicant company fail to secure financing under the scheme after the 3rd extension of the certificate validity.
The amount to be refunded shall be after deduction of minimum RM8,000 processing fee and plus any other expenses incurred during the technical assessment.