Application Form


GTFS applications are to be submitted online through this website. The instructions for online applications are listed in the How to Apply page.

There are 5 sections in the Application Form that must be completed before submitting. The information in the Application Form can be saved and edited at any time before the submission.

In addition to the Application Form, applicants are also required to submit a signed copy of the Undertaking Letter that can be downloaded in this link


A.1 Project Applicant

Please specify official applicant company name, address, contact reference and single-point contact person.

A.2 Project Partners (if applicable)

Please provide details of project partner/s and their role in this project. Application must provide copy of all relevant documents ,i.e. collaboration / joint venture agreement , authorisation letter from technology provider, etc.



B.1 Project Objective(s)

Please state clearly the objectives of the proposed project e.g. CO2 reduction, energy savings, water savings, pollution reduction, etc.

B.2 Project Criteria

Please state the type of project with reference to the project eligibility criteria in the GTFS Procedures & Guidelines.

B.3 Project Location

Address of Project Site Please state full address of the actual project location.

Brief Description of the GT Project Boundary Please indicate and provide evidence of the proposed GT Project Boundary in relation to the above project site ;i.e. plot plan, overall plant layout drawings, building layout drawings, etc.

B.4 Project Size

Please indicate the project size and provide relevant document in relation to project production capacity/energy consumption/ equipment rating, etc.

B.5 Project Management Team (PMT)

Please provide list of all key personnel involved in this project and attach their CV . Please also attach employment contract or latest EPF receipts as evidence of their engagement . Please also attach the PMT organisation structure.

B.6 Description of the Proposed Project

B.6a The current technology application at the project site (if applicable).

Please describe the current technology applied at the project site and indicate the problem or set back e.g. inefficiency, pollution emitted, usage of hazardous materials, etc.

B.6b Description of the technology to be applied for the proposed project.

Please describe the technology to be applied for the proposed project and provide relevant information about technology provider, origin of technology, proven track record, standard certifications, laboratory test reports, equipment manufacturer, environmental certifications, efficiency rating, approved shop drawings, etc.

B.6c Please also indicate and elaborate as to how this project can be considered as an improvement to the existing technology.

Please describe the contribution of the proposed technology to solve problem or set back e.g. efficiency improvement, pollution reduction or elimination, avoidance or minimisation of hazardous material , etc.

B.6d Kindly indicate if the project involves a transfer of technology.

Please describe the concept ,implementation and milestones of technology transfer program.

B.7 Expected Completion Date

Please provide detail on project implementation schedule and key milestones. To support the technical viability of the project, please provide necessary approval document (if required for project implementation);i.e.

  • Environment Impact Assessment Report,
  • Small Renewable Energy Project approval,
  • Renewal Energy Purchase Agreement,
  • Energy Performance Contract,
  • Land Purchase/Tenancy Agreement,
  • Development Order,
  • Product Purchase Contract,
  • Fuel Supply Agreement ,etc.

B.8 What type of sectors will benefit from this project

Please specify the type of sector/s that will benefit from this project e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Transportation, Agriculture, others.

B.9 Project Outcome (where applicable)

Please provide improvement parameters involved and their values before and after the project implementation. Please show the calculation details to support the proposed project impact.



Please provide detail Project Budget, Green Technology (GT) equipment /material costing, Forecasted Cash Flow and IRR calculations. All GT equipments/materials must be supported by valid quotations/Purchase Agreement/Invoices/valuation reports.



D1. Measurement and Verification

Please explain the measurement and verification (M&V) procedures to be applied for this project. The same M&V shall be used in the preparation of Project Outcome report. The procedure shall include M&V parameters, qualified personnel, measurement schedule, standard M&V reference and all measuring apparatus (meters/sensors ; Permanently installed/ portable). Please provide shop drawings to indicate metering and sensors locations.



Please declare that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions and to the best of your knowledge filled the form accurately, duly complied with the GTFS Procedures and Guidelines. This declaration is an official commitment that if your company is granted financing facilities under GTFS, you are not permitted to make any changes to the project specifications without prior written approval from GrenTech Malaysia.